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Sundays are back!

We like opening the doors on Sunday, and we think you did to. Here is our updated schedule for the remainder of 2022. We remain closed on Monday & Tuesday, Sundays are back!

November Monthly Pack

November Monthly Pack

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Let Libre choose for you! 6 bottles this month. Each month we make a selection of wines from across Europe & beyond, box them up and ship them to your home. Quantities are limited each month, when they are out they are out. This case we have specifically selected for Fall, the evening's that are cooling off and the cosy evenings. Wines good at all hours, complex but always drinkable, wines to share and discuss.

Please note that some wines may change throughout in the month in function of availability, in which case a comparable cuvée will be included*

1 x Trebbiano 2020, Camillo Donati Italy

1 x Tot Blanc 2021, Celler Tuets Spain

1 x Curtimenta 2020, Humus Portugal

1 x Dzelshavi 2020, Archil Guniava Georgia 

1 x Plutonic 2021, Domaine de Thalie France

1 x Kleine Wanderlust 2018, 2Natuurkinder Germany 

Happy month of November!

Vésanie 2020, Baptiste NayrandL'Orée 2020, Baptiste NayrandToit du Monde 2020, Baptiste NayrandZénith Macération 2020, Baptiste NayrandPuits à Vin 2021, Baptiste Nayrand

featured producer

Baptiste Nayrand

These wines have a similar excitement and energy found in the most legendary natural wine producers in France. Cognisant of the natural wine movement for many years as a wine drinker, Baptiste created his estate with a drive to produce exceptional natural wines.

to the wines of Baptiste
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Discover new wines, exciting new producers & less known regions of Europe with our themed Libre boxes. In addition to our Monthly Pack we will hand select a box of 6 wines based on what we think is special for the moment and the wines & sake we enjoy drinking most.