Melanie and Michael are together '2Naturkinder'. Both have scientific backgrounds and have worked in major cities around the world. Here they came into contact with natural wine and were completely mesmerized by the difference in taste with the wines they themselves were used to drinking. In 2012 they started working on the family vineyard from 1843 in Kitzingen, on the river Main, Northern Bavaria. At the time, it was still run in the German classic way. Although the parents themselves have always made wine in a conventional way, they fully supported Melanie and Michael in the changes they wanted to make on the land and during the making process. Over the years, this domain has been transformed into 7ha of organic vineyards and natural wine is made under the 2Naturkinder label according to the shared philosophy: “nothing added,

    Melanie and Michael's wines are flawless with great energy, tension and a distinctive freshness. It is clear to taste that an incredible amount of attention is paid here to the land and during the vinification. In the vineyards lives a certain type of bat that Michael loves and that you see reflected on some labels. When needed, 'bat guano' from the local nature reserve is used as fertilizer, and Michael sponsors a project investigating the role of bats in the vineyard.



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