Archil Guniava


    Archil Guniava's wine cellar and vineyards are located in the village of Kveda Kvaliti, in the Imereti area, located in central-western Georgia. The orchards have been in the family for generations, and today Archil is the one making the wines.

    The vineyards cover some 1.5 hectares, located 300 meters above sea level, and the climate is influenced by the Black Sea in the way the Mediterranean Sea influences the east coast of France. In addition to the climate that influences the character of the wines, Archil also uses a lot less skin contact than is usual in eastern Georgia. As a result, the wines from Archil are in some cases a lot fresher and softer (and for some more accessible) than the wines from Kartli and Kakheti, but they still remain recognizable and distinctly Georgian due to the vinification in qvevri.

    The wines of Archil are suitable for the hardcore nature wine lover, but also for any other wine lover who wants to get acquainted with pure Georgian wines, without having to go through too much structure and heaviness.