The Carussin winery was started in 1927 with about 4 hectares between Nizza Monferrato and Canelli, in the heart of the Piedmont. Today, all 15 hectares of orchards are kept organically and biodynamic principles are applied, where Bruna Ferro runs the entire business with her sons Matteo and Luca.

    Barbera and Moscato dominate the orchards, but other regional grapes such as Nebbiolo and Grignolino are also grown. Besides the fact that the vineyards have been kept organically and biodynamically for more than 20 years, no unnecessary intervention is made in the cellar; fermentation takes place spontaneously, and nothing is taken away or added where not necessary. This ensures that the wines have a lot of character and quirkiness; the Piedmontese earthiness is present, but the wines all have a fresh energy that is recognizably Carussin.

    The wines of Carussin cover a wide spectrum of taste intensity, but are all easily digestible. The wines are full of aroma and are very pronounced, but each wine has something incredibly unique. For example, Tra L'Alto is a wine that is almost bursting at the seams because of the intense blossom perfume, and Sisto is one of the purest and earthiest Nebbiolos we have tasted in ages.



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