Cascina Tavijn


    Nadia Verrua's family estate covers some 7 hectares of vineyards in the hills of Monferrato, around Asti. In addition, there is a further 5 hectares of hazelnut orchards which are said to produce the best hazelnuts in Italy.

    Nadia took over the work in the cellar from her father, who in the beginning still oversaw the maintenance of the orchards. Currently, Barbera, Grignolino, Freisa and Ruchè are working, all of which are grown organically, with biodynamic interventions, on sandy soil.

    This part of Asti has largely been forgotten, but Nadia is fortunate to have many old orchards of unique, old-fashioned Piedmontese varieties saved by her family. For example, there are only about 40 hectares in the world of Ruché plantings.

    In the cellar, the wines are fermented in old botti, in cement and in fiberglass. A fun fact is that Nadia's husband in Turin owns the restaurant Consorzio, which until recently was the only place where you could drink Nadia's table wine, her Vino Rosso. After others became intrigued by her Vino Rosso in addition to her friends, family and the guests of Consorzio, she started to export this wine.

    Nadia's wines often leave a huge impression on us, partly due to the fact that you get a lot of wine for your money. The wines are powerful, deep, but unmistakably fruity and fresh. Nadia sometimes seems to have almost magical powers, and she seems to make wines to make people smile.