Le Clot de l'Origine

    Marc and Caroline Barriot maintain 8 hectares of vineyards in the south of the Roussillon around Maury. The vineyards mainly cover old, indigenous grape varieties such as Syrah, Grenache Noir, Gris and Blanc and Muscat d'Alexandria and Muscat À Petit Grains.

    Marc used to work in conventional cellars, but along the way he has discovered that keeping your orchards in a way that works in harmony with nature is beneficial. This eventually became his starting point in the basement; nature is allowed to take its course without too much intervention, which ultimately benefits the end product.

    You can taste the warmth of the south in the wines, without sacrificing drinkability. While some southern wines can be bulky and clumsy, Marc knows how to keep his wines lively and exciting. In addition to the dry, somewhat aromatic wines that Marc makes, he also makes an intense but swinging Maury, which many Port producers could take as an example.