Couleur Fleur


    It's a bit of a funny story with Stéphane & Caroline. You'll find them in Poligny in the Jura, essentially across the street from Philippe Chatillon. Couleur Fleur was born in 2021 so yes it's really quite recent. The micro négociant is now their full time commitment. So who are these new Jurassian producers that you may not have heard of? 

    The duo buy organically farmed grapes from Savoie which they harvest themselves and fashion into wine by atypical premises. Though they approach from a new angle, the intention is to vinify with as little intervention as possible. They make natural wine for simplicities sake, without filtration, fining, sulphite, fruit as pure as it comes. The grapes are pressed with a small hand press, they bottle by hand by gravity and the incredible labels are also painstakingly designed and painted with water colour by both Stéphane and Caroline. 

    The have developed a range of sparkling & still wines from edible and local flora. The ingredients are foraged by hand from the wild and from their plantations throughout the year. The wines are realised through a highly concentrated infusion of flowers & leaves often in combination to which organic sugar is added. This syrup then begins to ferment with the addition of a wild ferment from the flowers. They make this ferment with the help of a process that allows them to capture the different micro-organisms capable of carrying out a successful fermentation.

    The result in our experience, is wines that are fresh with fine carbonation, very digestible and with low alcohol. Without the addition of carbon dioxide, the wine foams naturally in the bottle. The aromas and colour come directly from the plants used. They seek to help people discover the fascinating world of plants & flowers around us. Plants can be useful, we see them every day and we no longer take the time to admire them. They believe that their transformation into drinks sheds a light on these incredible natural products. 

    With some newly acquired land they seek to grow their dream, a permanent field for poppies; wild flowers, small fruit bushes and some of their own vines. The crop will be untreated, only touched by hands, by rain and by other life. The wines are pure and full of energy, there's a flavour or placebo from floral preferments that add an edge of excitement. A young domaine that we are excited to show case. 



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