Domaine de La Loue


    Winemaker Catherine Hannoun of Domaine de la Loue has an interesting story. She was a film producer who fell in love with the Jura while shooting the wine documentary 'Mondovino' with Jonathan Nossiter. After the completion of the project, Catherine returned to the region in 2009 to eventually start winemaking in Port-Lesney, north of Arbois, in the northernmost area of ​​the Jura bordering the Doubs. Her domain is named after the river Loue, which therefore marks the natural border between the Jura and Doubs départements.
    Before deciding to buy and lease plots of land, Catherine worked for a long time with Emmanuel 'Manu' Houillon, of renowned winery Maison Pierre Overnoy/Houillon-Overnoy, who is still a close friend and influence on Catherine. The birth of Catherine's daughter in 2011 caused her to distance herself from winemaking for a while, but for a number of years Catherine has been expanding her domain again, still making fine wines from grapes from vineyards in Pupillin and Marnoz ( Salins les Bains).

    Today Catherine has about 1.5-2 hectares under her own management, divided between Pupillin and Marnoz, and she says she is happy with this 'manageable' size, as she still does most of the work alone. Each plot is certified organic, and Catherine works according to the credo that the orchards and the wines need 'huile de coude' ('elbow grease' in English), not chemicals. Catherine also applies many biodynamic principles, and if she plows, she plows with a horse or donkey. In the basement Catherine has enough modern equipment to work cleanly, without additives. The wines are generally full of tension, in a pleasantly nervous way, and bursting with energy. The wines are characterized by pure, clear fruit, heartiness, Jura minerality and, often,

    Known for her Chardonnay and Savagnin white wines, both oxidative and 'ouillé', Catherine also experiments with skin contact and direct pressing of black grapes. Furthermore, her red wines are all beautifully spicy, and often good to drink at a young age. In general, Catherine's wines continue to surprise; after an hour a wine can have a completely different profile than immediately after opening, and the wines will continue to develop and unfold. The hasty drinker will therefore not undergo the full La Loue experience.



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