Domaine du Petit Oratoire


    In 2016, Lori Haon found an abandoned wine estate of over 20 hectares in the Gard on Leboncoin, the French equivalent of Marktplaats, for sale. Lori wouldn't be Lori if he hadn't seized this opportunity with both hands. One thing led to another, and in his 22nd year Lori started restoring the vineyards, but at some point he found out that the first real machine he would need would have to be a large excavator due to its poor condition. of the orchards.

    After clearing the large shrubs and trees that had nestled in the vineyards over decades, Lori and Anna found that in and under the undergrowth in some areas, vines were growing centuries old, in a soil that many winemakers in the south envy. would be. Despite the fact that (cleaning up) the estate turned out to be a hell of a job, the grapevines themselves turned out to be in a not-too-bad condition. On top of that was the fact that the orchards had been unsprayed for a long time, which made the transition to organic farming a lot easier for Lori.

    The domain is located in Valliguières, east of Tavel and about fifteen minutes northeast of Avignon. Officially it is therefore just south of the Côtes du Rhône appellation and in the Gard; the part of the South Rhône which is on the border with the Languedoc, and where many young winemakers are currently settling down because of the excellent terroir, the various breeding grounds of the natural environment around Tavel and in the north of the Languedoc, and because of the relatively affordable pieces ground.

    The vineyards of Domaine du Petit Oratoire are largely located in the same village, which is surrounded by hills that together form a kind of natural amphitheater, so that the groves are well protected against heat. In other parts of the Gard, in many cases the harvest already ends in early September, but in Lori the harvest doesn't end until early October, which can be an advantage in times of climate change and rising temperatures. The orchards cover a wide range of soil types and compositions, and are located at different elevations. This gives the different cuvées clear impressions, and makes Lori's portfolio diverse and dynamic. The warmth of the south can be tasted in all wines, but no wine is out of balance or has a gram too much.

    The orchards are kept organically by Lori and Anna, and they apply many biodynamic methods and principles. Oenological products are never used for the wines, and all fermentations are of course always done with natural yeasts. It is never clarified or filtered, and at least 80% of the wines are unsulfited. In the cases where sulfites are used, this is done with homeopathic amounts, and the added amount will be between 1 and a maximum of 20 mg/L, and it will be stated on the label.

    The wines of Domaine du Petit Oratoire are well-priced, clear and pure expressions of the Gard, and above all are a great pleasure to drink. We are therefore very happy that we can work with the wines of Lori, Anna and Domaine du Petit Oratoire in the Netherlands.



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