Louis & Charlotte Pérot (L'Ostal Levant)

was first introduced to Louis & Charlottes wine while in Paris, we took over an old cellar and discvered some cases that had been hidden for some years. The Perots left Paris and bought their now home and domaine in 2015. They understand there land and the subtleties of local varities. They now work 3 hectares in Alary, a commune in Puy Leveque (Cahors) are split between 2 plots with a third recently planted: the first plot is alive on sand and clay and Duravel and at Prayssac a blend of limestone, red clay and sandstone terraced aove the lot. Plantings consist mainyl of merlot and cot co planted with small pockets of white local varities; loin de loeil, mauzac and chenin blanc. 

The cellar is a massive cellar dug out in limestone of about 1 hectare, tasting is done by candle light which give you almost no sense of colour/preconceived notion of what you might be drinking. The benefit is that subtle changes in elevage, variety and stem inclusion or lack their of become heightened. subtle but marked differences and Louis intimate understanding of the fruit of each vintage and how to extract (and balance) their best qualities. 

From the beginning the Pérots have worked their soils with respect and extended that to the fermentation and ageing of their wines. The result is something special that really speaks of the detail of their soils and the skill of their winemaking. Such progress in a small amount of time! In addition to the land planted to vine Louis and Charlotte have begun the work replanting mixed orchards and wild crop to enrich the surrounding forests and meadows.

Plantations that are done under the principle of joualles: one row of vines for one row of trees or hedges. We are in agroforestry with the aim of creating a varied ensemble where animals, men and plants complement each other, thus creating a good biodiversity.

These principles are already evident in the certified organic (ECOCERT) work, the meticulous tilling of the soil and the vines, respectful of the environment. As few passages as possible, as few treatments as possible, little or no intervention in the wines with an irreproachable hygiene to elaborate wines without inputs (no added sulphite) on all vintages.

The wines are straight, fine and fresh. You can already count on them. May the future give them even more reason to drop everything to write their history between the vines…

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