Domaine Majas


    Domaine de Majas is located near the town of Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes, rather inland in the south of the Roussillon in a mountainous area. It was started in 1992 by Alain Carrère and his wife Agnès, who made wine for a supermarket chain until the mid-00s. Due to an exclusivity contract, the supermarket could dictate how the wines would be made and how they should taste. This involved a lot of intervention at the time, in order to be able to produce specific taste profiles in budget wines at low costs. In the crisis, partly due to the fact that little money was brought in and there was no longer any fun in making wine, Alain and Agnes started to think about their winemaking existence.

    In the end, they asked winemaker friend Tom Lubbe (Monsieur Matassa) for help, and in consultation with him they decided to make wine 'together'. Tom would help in the winemaking process itself, as long as Alain and Agnes converted their vineyards to organic.

    No sooner said than done: Together with Alain, Tom has ensured that the wines that are made are now expressions of the beautiful region and its grapes, partly because of the use of spontaneous fermentation and the absence of the addition of chemical products. The only thing that is currently added is homeopathic amounts of sulphite at bottling, which also decreases with the year. In addition, only old wood, cement and steel are used for the ageing and fermentation of the wines. Today there are some 30 hectares of orchards, all of them over 30 years old (some as old as 120 years old), the majority of which are indigenous varieties: Carignan Blanc and Noir, Macabeu and Grenache, with some Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Rolle too.

    The wines are obviously Roussillonnais; there is a lot of fine ripe fruit, flowers and dried herbs, but nowhere are the wines too 'warm' or too ripe. In addition, the price tag is also good.