Tom Lubbe is a New Zealander who grew up in South Africa. In the late 1990s, he worked for the only wine company in South Africa that fermented with native yeasts and limited its yields in favor of quality. Tom then went to France for a position as an intern at the famous Domaine Gauby in Rousillon, to increase his interest in Mediterranean varieties. Gérard Gauby quickly became friends with Tom and asked him to come back after his internship to help with the vinification in the cellar for three consecutive years. During that period, Tom met his wife Nathalie, Gérard's sister.

    In 2003 Tom bought his first vineyards around the village of Calce in French Catalonia, with vines ranging from 60 to 120 years old. The vineyards are cultivated naturally without any chemical aids and Tom uses some biodynamic aids to activate and nourish the soil. No sulfites are added in the cellar and the domain focuses on very low yields to obtain the highest possible concentration and minerality. These are true terroir wines that cannot be reproduced anywhere else.