Olivier Cousin


    In 1987, Olivier Cousin took over his grandfather's domain in Martigné Briand, south of Angers, which then covered 12 hectares. He was lucky that his grandfather never sprayed the orchards, leaving the vineyards that make wine today unsprayed for decades. Since 1996 the orchards have even been certified biodynamic, although the orchards have been treated this way by Olivier since '87.

    Today, Olivier only makes wine from his most beloved grape, Cabernet Franc. Olivier passed the rest of the vineyards on to his son Baptiste, who now makes wine from Chenin Blanc, Gamay, Pinot d'Aunis and Grolleau. Today, Olivier still works the Cabernet Franc orchards with his horse 'Joker' a few times a year. In 2005 Olivier left the AOC Anjou in order to have more room to experiment with natural vinification methods, so that today both wines only bear the Vin de France classification. Olivier prefers to use the letters AOC as an abbreviation for 'Appellation Olivier Cousin', or even better, for 'Aimer, Observer, Cultiver'.

    Olivier's two wines, both Cabernet Francs, are as pure as they can be. Both are textbook examples of how Cabernet Franc should be used for wine; the one fresh, young and juicy, while the other is more serious and strict, without being heavy or stiff. The big difference is the age between the sticks. However, both cuvées have the refined spicy, vegetal and cassis-like character for which the grape is known.



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