Domaine Plageoles

    Gaillac, Southwest

    Since 1805, 7 generations of the Plageoles family have been producing wine in Gaillac. They are deeply attached to the 2000 year old wine producing tradition of the region, the estate has constantly improved and refined its operation. They are champions of the winemaking profession and lovers of their land. They now farm an impressive 30 ha. planted on deep clayey-limestone. The region of Gaillac has highly diverse soil, microclimatic and varietal make-up. Much of the area has never being seriously devastated by Phylloxera.

    The expertise between the vines and in the cellar have been passed down generationally. Each generation bringing a new fresher approach, modernising while maintaining the charm and ideology of artisanal winemaking. Jules, Francois, Emile, Marcel, Robert, Bernard, Florent and Romain all having had a hand in the long history of these wines, legends in their own right in Gaillac and South West France.

    They claim local wines, using local varieties such as Mauzac, Ondenc, Duras, Braucol and Prunelart. All wines are made according to the principles that respect the terroir and according to natural cultivation techniques; no chemical fertilisers, no weedkillers, no synthetic products and native yeasts. For almost 20 years they have been practicing the ¨Cousinie Method” whereby plant nutrition is put front and center, the purpose is to make mineralised nutrients available to the plant for take up after analysis.

    Robert Plageoles was a pioneer in giving a new life to a range of nearly extinct indigenous varieties, and with these varities they make a extensive list of wine styles: oxidative Mauzac rouge, A petillant methode Gaillacoise realised from Mauzac Vert, ripe whites vinified to dry and a range of incredibly unique Gaillac Doux. Florent & Romain are the newest generation at the helm. Tasked with maintaining the tradition of the family and the region.