Franz & Christine Strohmeier


    Trauben, Liebe und Zeit' - grapes, love and time - are what Franz Strohmeier considers the essence of wine. Franz and his wife Christine have a domain in the southern 'green heart' of Austria, in Styria. Franz, together with his good friend and colleague Sepp Muster, is known as two of the first natural winemakers in Austria.

    In addition to working purely naturally in the cellar, he experiments a lot in the orchards with what nature offers him. He currently has a small orchard where he grows his grapes wild, without pruning, which he also turns into wine. Although Franz is not biodynamically certified, he does make extensive use of biodynamic principles, and in some cases goes even further.

    Biodiversity is what is most important to Franz, and everything is mixed up in his orchards; grasses, trees, herbs and flowers not only provide biodiversity in terms of vegetation, but also attract a great diversity of fauna. Franz makes both sparkling and still wines, all of which are characterized by a certain pure and clear character; you taste the green grasses in the orchards, and you taste the pure air of Styria.



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