Gabrio Bini


    Pantelleria is an unimaginably breathtaking island, known more for its mini volcanoes, water springs and capers than for its wine. The island is not very well known internationally, but for its extreme beauty and isolation it has been praised by those–who–know. This 15 kilometer long volcanic mass is closer to Tunisia than to Sicily and has no more than a few thousand inhabitants. Gabrio Bini, an eccentric Milanese architect, found this an appropriate backdrop for his Azienda Agricola Serragghia. In 1993 he bought a plot of land with vines averaging 80 years old and in 2000 he established his estate in the most uncompromising way he could imagine.

    Gabrio made the brave decision to vinify all his wines in clay amphorae, some of which are over 400 years old, outdoors in the same soil where the fruit comes from. Its vines are planted on old terraces higher than most of the island's other vineyards. As a result, Serragghia experiences a cool sea breeze and temperatures are surprisingly moderate, even in summer. Gabrio masters the making of local specialties such as capers and passito like no other, but is best known for his 'Zibibbo Secco' and 'Fanino'.

    All wines soak with the skins, are completely unfiltered and contain no added sulfites. They are wild expressions of native grape varieties of an island paradise. There are a handful of wines that don't get you drunk but get high, and these definitely fall into that category.



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