Gut Oggau


    In 2007 Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck started domain Gut Oggau in the village of Oggau in Burgenland. Eduard already made wine with his father and Stephanie comes from a family of restaurateurs, and together they restored an abandoned 17th century wine estate. Gut Oggau works completely biodynamically and also uses, among other things, a 200-year-old vertical press that they have also restored themselves.

    To express the different specific personalities of their plots, each wine has been given its own face by artist Jung von Matt. The different personalities and ages relate to each other like a family. The 'younger' generation of the children is often fresher and has the fruit in the foreground, while the parents represent wines from plots with more age, which also ripen better and slower, giving these cuvées more complexity. The grandparents' wines come from the oldest vines and are therefore vinified in a more traditional style.