Humus Wines


    Rodrigo Felipe's family business, Quinta do Paço is located about an hour's drive north of Lisbon. The project was started as a hobby by Rodrigo's father in the 1990s. The nine hectares of vineyards lie some 150 meters above sea level between the Atlantic Ocean and the Serra dos Candeeiros mountain range. The subsoil consists of clay and limestone and benefits from the cool Atlantic winds and high humidity of the area. The grapes ripen slowly and thus retain a high natural acidity. In 2000, Rodrigo took on the official role of winegrower after working as a civil engineer for some time. With no oenology training, he learned the intricacies of the trade by reading his father's old wine books and attending various courses and workshops. In addition, in his case, intuition also played a major role when working with nature.

    His learning process, to this day, has involved trial and error, and Rodrigo himself says he learned the most from experimenting with the vines and grapes themselves. Rodrigo mainly focuses on the quality of the grapes, the health of the soil and finding the true expression of terroir in his wines. In extremely rare cases the wines are sulphated by microscopic amounts at bottling, but we notice that the wines are increasingly as pure as they can be: sem sulfitos aficionados. Basically Rodrigo's Humus wines are fermented grape juice in its purest form.