Il Ceo


    Davide Andreatta is a very young and energetic winemaker based in the village of Citadella in Veneto, where he rents a cellar just behind his childhood home. The opportunity to spend the night with his aunt who lives around the corner makes life easy. Davide's wines were recommended to us by our favorite wine shop in Vicenza. Davide only started making wine a few years ago, and he is completely obsessed with his vineyards; Davide spends his entire day (from dawn to dusk) in his orchards, more than any other winemaker who knows wine.

    Davide rents old vineyards, with vines older than 80 years, near the village of Breganze. He works the vineyards in a very traditional way and likes to focus on small changes in the way he works, with the aim of continuously improving the quality of his grapes. Where he keeps his Vespaiola and Pinot Grigio, the soil consists mainly of volcanic material. In the plots of the red grape varieties, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Groppello, the soil consists more of limestone.

    The Netherlands is the first country to which Il Ceo exports. Until now, Davide mainly sold his wines in Venice, making deliveries himself by boat. Previously Davide only produced about 8000 bottles, but he is now gradually increasing his production and diversity in offer. The fact that Davide makes wine relatively 'short' makes the depth of his wines all the more special. The white is structured and layered, while the red is pleasantly fresh to drink and easy to digest. Recommended!



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