Les Vignes de l'Angevin


    Jean-Pierre Robinot, king of the Pineau d'Aunis, is a true living legend. In his younger years he opened one of the first natural wine bars in Paris, called L'Ange Vin. He is also co-founder of the influential wine magazine Le Rouge et Blanc. In 2000, Jean-Pierre sold his bar and returned to his home region, the Loire Valley, to make wine. His vineyards are located in the commune of Chahaignes, where he grew up and where he now lives.

    Today, Jean-Pierre owns about 7 hectares spread over two appellations, Jasnières and Coteaux du Loir. Intervention in the basement is out of the question and out of the question. Some of his wines were classified as Jasnières in the past, but Jean-Pierre has been bottling all of his wines as Vin de France for quite some time. The vines are planted on a mix of red clay, limestone and flint. All plots are treated with the minimal help of wild herb infusions and all plots of land are harvested one by one by hand. The fermentation takes place in a maze of ancient limestone caves located below the vineyards.

    The spontaneous fermentation takes place and proceeds slowly; sometimes it takes years for a wine to ferment, after which Robinot will also let the wine mature. The aging of the wines is done sur-lie in old wooden barrels, and because of the slow and lengthy fermentation and maturation processes, the wines have an enormous complexity. Jean-Pierre is truly a true master of the elévage. Some wines are allowed to settle in barrels for up to ten years before going into the bottle. When Jean-Pierre proceeds to bottling, the wines have acquired energy, balance and vibrancy that are hard to match.