Le Pelut


    Pierre is a character to say the least, and we appreciate fascinating character. The wines carry with them a rusticity and emotional impact that is hard to put into words. Most importantly the wines are incredibly delicious and always a joy to drink. We first met late one evening post-salon, we shared a few glasses of something that was left on the table before realising that were in good company. We planned to meet again the following morning to hold a proper tasting together. Theres a patience and calculate approach to Pierre’s delivery. A connection with the earth and a pays-like understanding and simplicity to his wines and his process.

    He oversees 2 small parcels over 5 hectares just outside of Cépie, which is just a short distance North of Limoux. He’s been farming this same land for the past 10 years organically with a healthy promotion of biodiversity and regeneration. Biodynamic principles are applied but not certified.