Les Éditions de Vins Rares

    Propriétaires-Vinificateurs (variable within France)

    The publisher determines the editorial line and defines the collections and chooses the authors. Each bottle drunk should be a source of pleasure, but also surprise; a discovery and a unique experience. There are 2 ideologies represented in the range: TTVV can be single varietal wines intended to express the uniqueness of the variety and the region. The second are blended to show the winemakers talent, whereby only the experience counts.

    Les Editions du Vins Rares works on small productions of a few thousand bottles from small plots. They only take on projects that are a human size to carry out. They encourage co-authors (winemakers) to challenge themselves; driven by strong convictions, but without dogmatism, always curious to learn and create. Les Editions de Vins Rares seeks out winemakers who operate with a respect for the vines and the intention of preserving the environment. All co-authors farm organically or biodynamical and achieve a life, a persistance and a character unmatched by conventional wines.

    The vineyard is an ecosystem (a renewing source of pleasure & a philosophical quest), but wine does not exist without the intervention of man. What shapes wine is the winegrower imprinting his style on the raw materials he has selected. Once elements align, there is a partnership of several years with the co-author to purchase the grapes, fund the acquisition and age the wines.

    A highly variable range with a consistent theme. Regardless of style the wines, all achieve unmatched finesse, a delicacy suited to gastronomy or a bottle to savor and dissect. Each cuvee is marked by unletting persistence, an interplay between fruit and earth and overall balance.



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