Casal Figueira


    Marta Soares and her husband Antonio started as pioneers in Portuguese biodynamics in the early 2000s. With 13 ha planted near Vermelha some 80km North of Lisbon situated on a long limestone ridge overlooking the Atlantic. They farm biodynamically, passionately and with very limited production. The areas directly surrounding Lisbon have a long standing winemaking tradition but conversion to biodynamic was something new, the trend at the time and still relevant today is one of mass production, commercial thinking, heavy export and persistent growth.

    Feasibility of a small production in an environment un-supporting of the idea lead to the winery temporarily closing its doors. Motivated, Marta at the helm, and a small inventory of back vintages; they found themselves back on their feet with the new motivation to breath new life into forgotten, less desirable plots of land and forgotten indigenous varieties.

    The result is special, production is by no means easy but I have an undoubting respect for Martas story and her work. She is a winemaker, teacher, visual artist, mother and an incredibly kind person. A perfect example of the humanity of wine, proof that producers are people and that passion creates delicious things.

    The wines are wild, the varieties are rustic but made with finesse. She produces wines from the local Castelao, tinta Miuda and Vital. The cuvées are captivating, concentrated, fresh, light-footed and full of energy.



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