Massa Vecchia


    Massa Vecchia is located in the upper Maremma in Tuscany, at the foothills of the melliferous hills in the village of Massa Marittima. The farm was founded in 1985 by Fabrizio Niccolaini, who ran it with wife Patrizia Bartolini until 2009. Patrizia daughter Francesca took over shortly with her partners for the better part of 10 years before Fabrizio returned with sons Vasco and Tosca who still run the domaine today.

    The whole farm consistes of 6 hectares; primarily vineyard with pockets of olive grove and cereal. Annual production is around 15,000 bottles, with an equally small production of olive oil and cheese. Massa Vecchia's ambition has always been to work alongside nature and respect the cycles it imposes. We should see ourselves as guardians of the natural process and not as interventionists, these wines are intended to adhere to the territory. Consequently, Massa Vecchia realizes wines that are products from the land, representative of the air, the soil and the people.

    The moment a wine is manipulated in it’s making, it loses is essential element: it is no longer wine. it is only a beverage.

    The vineyards are worked by hand with the only fertilization coming from the land. Sulphur and copper are used in treating the vines, with as few other manipulations as possible. No additives are used in vinification, no chemicals and no sulfur during vinification or bottling. Limiting artificial input means cultivating a land where flaura and fauna live in harmony within their unique context; to simplify, leaving plants be allows them to express the territory and create uniqueness of place.

    There is an incredible sense of embetterment of the earth, focus on not only their farm but the world as a living organism of which they can contribute a small part to its health. Massa Vecchia explores the reaches of terroir, sophistication and maitrise. Wines that display a hallmark salinity, wildness, vibrancy and precision.

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