Natalino de Prete


    Natalino Del Prete is one of the most old school winemakers in Puglia, the area known for producing large quantities of cheap bulk wines. Natalino del Prete is an exception to this rule: his domain has been certified organic since 1994, uses only local indigenous grapes and has also always worked on a small scale with very old vines.

    All the fruit is harvested by hand and nothing is ever added, not even a pinch of sulfur when bottling. There is currently about 10 hectares of orchards, with Primitivo and Negroamaro occupying the lion's share. Aleatico and Malvasia Nera are also grown to a lesser extent.

    Natalino is as old school as you can imagine and taste. These are all unpretentious, rustic farmhouse wines suitable for any day of the year.

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