Daniele Portinari


    Daniele Portinari's wine estate is located in the village of Lunigo in the Colli Berici, located between Verona and Vicenza. The soil is unique in Veneto; millions of years ago, this part of Veneto used to be a seabed, so the ground is now full of shell and crustacean fossils. The climate here is temperate, so that even an olive tree grows here and there. Only the higher elevations are part of the DOC, excluding the lower elevations where Daniele's orchards are located, and are classified as Veneto IGT. In 2004 Daniele took over the domain from his father, who mainly produced for the cooperative. Daniele started from the beginning with biodynamic farming and a natural vinification process.

    These were all principles taught to him by Angiolino Maule, one of the forefathers of natural wine and biodynamic agriculture in Veneto, who owns orchards a stone's throw from Daniele's domain. Today Daniele has about 5 hectares of Pinot Bianco, Garganega, Tai Bianco, Tai Rosso, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. He tries to bring out the terroir in every wine, and he has avoided the use of sulfites since day one. The wines are all full of minerality, and the red wines are very soft and fresh, especially by Italian standards. His wines also contain an elegance that sometimes feels almost a bit un-Italian. You can taste Daniele's modesty and tranquility in the wines; the wines are balanced and are pure expressions of the terroir.



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