Suman Vina


    The ancestors of the Šuman family were enthusiastic wine growers, which means that their knowledge and love for wine dates back to the 14th century. The love for nature still extends today in all aspects of the domain; the vineyards are open to all forms of life and it is trusted that nature will choose the right path, in which the Šuman family, headed by Radovan, listens to nature's needs, guiding nature where necessary.

    Radovan Šuman taught himself winemaking, and now makes wines in the hills of Slovenian Styria (just over the border with Austria, a short distance from the Musters and Tscheppes). The vineyards are full of life, just like the grapes, whose essence is reflected in the wines. Rudolf Steiner's principles are applied in great detail, and Šuman is a radical non-interventionist; there is no plowing, no spraying and nothing is ever added to the wines. All aspects of winemaking rely solely on nature's own strength and energy to contribute to the vibrancy that unfolds around the estate.

    The wines are full of energy, which is expressed in the full bodies, strong characters, rich bouquets and warm colours. For each wine, the grapes are macerated in the way that suits that particular wine, to extract everything the grapes can give. All wines are aged in old Alsatian foudres, and are strictly natural. For example, 'Moon Drops' is a blend of 12 grape varieties with a short maceration, which matures for two years in the old foudres before bottling in clay pitchers.