Trescol É Bouit


    Trescol é Bouit, vinifies its wines in the Rhône Valley, in Saint-Julien-en-Saint-Alban (Ardèche) not far from the Brézème appellation. It was a will to create something new and begin a project of their own that led Sandro and Jonathan to buy up a cellar with the capacity to produce 150hl per year, the wanted to go off the beaten tracks with wine making, and elaborate wines completely free of input.

    Holdings have increased to just over 3hl since their debut in 2016. All grapes are hand-picked from the most beautiful plots & selected based on their quality potential. Being locals from nearby communes they strive to push for authenticity, to intervene as little as possible in the vines and cellar and to create wines that are pure and naturally made.

    The domaine is spread over several blocks mainly located in the Ardèche, but also in the Drôme, Vaucluse and the Gard. the highly variable soils (sandstone, marl, schist, clay and limestone) gives additional variability to each cuvée as well as added nuance. Sandro and Jonathan take an approach whereby finesse takes precedence over extravagance on unnecessary volume. Training vines higher, carefully selecting parcels and obsessively harvesting and selecting fruit allow them to very clear tailor their process.

    Over their 3 hectares, they have Syrah, Grenache, with majority Cinsault for reds. Grenache Blanc, Viognier and small amounts of chardonnay round out the harvest which they use to elaborate velvety wines, atypical of the local style.

    Jonathan & Sandro are attentive and charismatic. Two friends from completely unique backgrounds developing a new approach together. The domaine is still recent but there is a marked style to each wine, a lighter edge to the reds and volume on the white cuvées. I have been surprised before by the level of refinement that comes about through their wines, often an unexpected element and quiet excitement.