Valli Unite


    In the southeast of the Piedmont, in Costa Vescovato is the land of Valli Unite. 30 years ago, four families decided to work together in a kind of commune form and to start a wine cooperative. Now this has grown into a land of about 100 hectares where about 30 (family) members work. There are orchards, vineyards and areas of land full of vegetables, grains and livestock.

    Each member has its own role and the farm is virtually self-sufficient. When the families decided to work together and fight the industrialisation of agriculture in their own way, natural farming was number one and still is. The balance of nature and the respect for nature are very important in everything they do, which is also reflected in the wines that are made.

    Currently, Alessandro Poretti is the chief winemaker, having learned the intricacies of natural winemaking from the polyculture and natural wine legend Stefano Bellotti. In the wines of Valli Unite you can taste that they are not made in the stately, western part of the Piemonte around Alba or in the Asti. These are wines made by farmers with a heart for nature, and the wines therefore often have a somewhat wild and lively character. Fortunately, everyone in the corporation earns about the same hourly wage, making even the most beautiful wines very affordable.