Weingut Maria & Sepp Muster


    The domain of Maria and Sepp Muster is located in the south of Styria, close to the Slovenian border, in the same village as the vineyards of Maria's brothers Ewald (Weingut Werlitsch) and Andreas Tscheppe. The Weingut has been biodynamically certified since 2003, and wine is made from grapes from steep orchards planted on clay, marl and limestone some 450 meters above sea level. This soil composition is called 'Opok', and Muster's homonymous series of wines have a very direct expression of this soil type.

    Minerality and firm earthy tones are therefore also paramount. The south of Styria has warm summers with cool nights and cold winters, which means that the climate can be labeled as continental. The vineyards are quite wild and full of life, as the flora and fauna try to live in symbiosis as much as possible. Maria and Sepp believe that the soil is where everything starts, and that the soil must be full of life to ensure that the wines get their energy and tension through the plants. During his rehabilitation after a car accident in 1994, Sepp realized that making wine should be as natural as possible, for human health, but also for the health of nature.

    The motto of the Musters is therefore "more and more or less and less", and key words are "letting go" and "simplicity". Everything happens naturally in the basement. Sepp and Maria are convinced that you should not work against nature, but with nature and that all steps are taken for the benefit of nature. In general, a lot of time is taken for each step in the process, and nature is given a lot of time. For example, the wines are usually aged in barrels for at least two years before being bottled. Bottling is done without filtering or clarification, and sulphite is no longer used for any wine.