Weingut Werlitsch


    Weingut Werlitsch was started in 2004 by the couple Ewald and Brigitte Werlitsch after the death of Ewald's father, who was the first generation winegrower and owner of the Weingut. The wine estate owes its name to the name of the farm estate, which has been in the hands of the Tscheppe's since the 17th century. Ewald's sister Maria and her husband Sepp have Weingut Muster, and brother Andreas makes wine under his own name, just like Maria and Sepp are also in the same village where Weingut Werlitsch is located. These three winemakers (duo's) mentioned above, together with Franz & Christine Strohmeier and Alice & Roland Tauss, form the biodynamic winemakers association Schmecke das Leben. The alliance was created to support each other in making wine in line with nature.

    Since 2005, Weingut Werlitsch has been making very distinctive natural white wines from around 8 hectares of biodynamically processed orchards in southern Styria. The region is known for its 'opok' soil, a type of soil consisting of red clay, marl and limestone. All yards are on very steep terrain, making it impossible to machine yards with a tractor.

    Ewald and Brigitte make honest and authentic wines that capture the sense of place well. Most of the orchards were planted by Ewald's father in the 1980s and 1990s, so the age of these orchards is now around 30 years old. The three wines in their 'Ex Vero' line come from three different vineyards, each of which has a slightly different soil composition. Three plots of this line are classified by height ('Ex Vero I' is lowest and 'Ex Vero III' is highest), and the amount of the known 'opok' soil composition increases with each successive step.

    Most of the wines they make are a blend of Sauvignon and Morillon (Steiermark's for Chardonnay), and are aged for at least 22 months in large, old wooden barrels. This long aging ensures the maturity and layering of their wines, in which the terroir is clearly visible. The wines of these Tscheppe's are gastronomic and layered, but all have their own 'edge', which makes the wines unmistakably playful. The wines are very serious and have a wide gastronomic applicability, but also have a youthful energy that makes the wines recognizably 'Werlitsch'.

    Although wine is only made from white grapes, Ewald and Brigitte also produce orange wines. 'Glück' is a cuvée made with a short maceration of two weeks, where 'Freude' is their long maceration wine, with whole bunches and a year long skin contact.

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