Our Partners

Chevalier Wines

Chevalier Wines is an importer and distributor of natural & biodynamic wines based in the Netherlands. We import all of our wines directly from small winegrowers with a focus on France, Spain, Portugal as well as other singular winemakers across the whole of Europe. Started by Nicholas is early 2020, our goal is to make natural and biodynamic accessible, to share our love of wine and to help transit the emotion and passion of these singular winemakers. We are dedicated to natural & biodynamic wines. We showcase wines made from grapes and grapes only, sourced from vineyards that live in harmony with their environment. Our goal is to aid in the discovery of these wines and the revelation of each wines personality and representation of terroir.

Each wine in our range is personally selected, thoughtfully made and champions the notion that less is more. We carry not only natural and biodynamic wines, but wines that challenge the very idea of natural winemaking, those who use concepts of natural and biodynamic farming as a base to build upon and make it their own. We look to engage with the community, to bring wine to you, to provide recommendations and to be available to you in your local restaurant, bottle shop or online.


Zuiver Wijnen

Zuiver wijnen are natural wines. Pure wines made in a natural way and with minimal intervention. This does not mean that we are charmed by all wines that fall under the heading of 'natural wine'. But for us, this natural production method is the only objective condition for pure quality, and this means that we will look for wines within this group for our enjoyment. To then select only those wines that we find pure, full, deep, elegant, balanced, pronounced, energetic and/or exciting: our pure wines.

Zuiver Wijnen imports and distributes natural wines. The company was founded in summer 2013 by Dick, but only reached maturity with the joining of Figo and Merijn in spring 2017. Dick and Figo are the driving forces of Pure, representing two different generations. Dick, advanced in age and exuberantly gray, started sister company Yoigokochi Sake Importers in 2008, and has been working with his selection of pure sake within the natural wine world for over a decade. Figo, young and equally exuberant bald, is head sommelier of the IJ River restaurant Choux, which since 2015 has served as the hub of the recently emerged natural wine movement in the Netherlands. Although Merijn, head chef of Choux restaurant, prefers to act as a silent companion behind the scenes, his vegetable-based cuisine is a constant inspiration for the other two to offer a wine selection that rivals the level of his brilliant dishes in terms of quality and adventure.


Yoigokochi Sake Importers

Yoigokochi is the world’s first sake importing company to deal strictly with Junmaishu, 100% pure sake without additives, and our large variety of brands from more than 25 breweries is distributed in 20 European countries. We introduced unpasteurized sake to Europe and, as ever, the major part of the collection consists of unpasteurized sake, in most cases also unfiltered, undiluted and/or made from organically grown rice. This collection also includes many medieval and early modern brews and long-matured sake. Our independent selectors have a strong preference for pure sake with outspoken taste and aroma that can contribute to dishes from all cuisines in the world, but are also marvelous to enjoy on their own. Next to sake, our assortment covers shōchū, Japanese craft beer and a range of artisanal cooking ingredients.