Akishika Yama

Akishika Yama

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This ōkarakuchi (literally ‘big dry mouth’) sake from the brewery Akishika Shuzō is the complete negation of most dry sake available in Japan. Whereas the latter tend to be light and dry (tanrei karakuchi), Akishika dry sake is rich and profound, full-bodied, with pronounced acidity. This very dry sake is close to the dry end of the Sake Meter Value, but does not taste extremely dry because of the high levels of acidity and umami. It shows greater depths as it ages.

Profile  Balance of fruitiness & dryness with texture
Handle & Serve Store in a cool dark place away from light, serve body temperature to slightly chilled.
Producer Akishika Shuzō
Region Kyoto
Alcohol 17.4%
Content 720ml

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