Asahi Wakamatsu

Asahi Wakamatsu

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The Asahi Wakamatsu sake range made by Naka Shuzo are some of the most sought after because of their quality and rarity. This sake is made from the famous Omachi rice strain, the oldest existing strain of sakemai or sake rice. In Japan Omachi is often called "maboroshi no sakamai” or “phantom sake rice” because it is extremely difficult to grow and can be difficult to brew with. The results when Omachi rice is in the hands of one of Japan’s best Toji is spectacular with Matsuura-san creating an impeccable sake with a rich multi-layered palate, amazing depth of flavour and spicy textural finish.

Profile  full bodied & rich with plenty of umami and acidity
Handle & Serve Store in a cool & dark place, serve at all temperatures
Producer Naka Shuzō
Region Tokushima Prefecture
Alcohol 20%
Content 720ml

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