Biden 1999 Magnum

Biden 1999 Magnum

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The 22-year-old Biden is a soft and full-bodied koshu (aged sake). The Biden comes across as slightly smoked and mainly walnuts, umami and caramel predominate. Dark tones of autumn leaf and a small bitterness complete the whole. In addition, the sake is super soft in terms of mouthfeel. What enormous complexity and length! It is a good accompaniment to meat dishes, soy sauce-based dishes, miso and even spicy dishes. Drink this sake at room temperature or slightly warmed.

Profile  Soft textured, full-bodied & complex
Handle & Serve Store in a cool & dark place, serve at all temperatures
Producer Inoue Gōmei
Region Fukuoka Prefecture
Alcohol 16%
Content 720ml

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