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Dakushu means cloudy sake, which is an understatement as the brew has gone straight into the bottle, without any pressing or straining, even the grains are present. This uniquely unstrained short brew takes us back to the roots of sake-making. Made on the basis of a 600 year old Bodaimoto tradition of Nara breweries, this sake used to be presented only to the gods.

Slightly acidic, unpasteurized, unfiltered, undiluted and no yeast added this sake is cloudy in appearance. Aromas are savoury and definitely rice-driven with background hints of earthiness and a niggling touch of shiitake mushroom. On the palate it’s spritely and fresh with a tangy acid profile reminiscent of a kimoto style sake. Again rice driven, this an umami rich brew that drys off a slightly peppery in the finish. 

Profile  Slightly acidic and refreshing with added rice grain texture
Handle & Serve Store in refrigeration, open carefully & drink cold
Producer Ōkura Honke
Region Nara Prefecture
Alcohol 12%
Content 720ml

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