Fukuraijun Junmai Ryōrizake

Fukuraijun Junmai Ryōrizake

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This sake has a delicious taste and is most suitable for cooking. Junmai means 100% pure and means that the rice wine has no added alcohol, sugar and salt due to its natural fermentation. Because the Junmai sake distinguishes itself as pure it is considered a high quality sake.

This sake is rich in amino acids and gives the sake a full taste. The natural brew of the cooking sake gives more Umami to a dish. And when 2 Umami-rich ingredients are combined, the Umami increases, making the dish more flavorful. Ryorizake is particularly good to marinade fish and meat.

Profile  Slightly acidic and refreshing with added rice grain texture
Handle & Serve Store in refrigeration, serve at all temperatures
Producer Hakusen Shuzō
Region Gifu Prefecture
Alcohol 14%
Content 720ml

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