Okushika 2015

Okushika 2015

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There are few who make Sake better than Hiroaki Oku. Oku-san is the Toji (Master brewer) & Kuramoto (Brewery Owner) at Akishika Sake brewery in Osaka prefecture. He is responsible for an incredible range of Junmai Sake and each year he puts away, for ageing, a selection of different products to release at a later date. This ageing process he believes allows the Sake to become more rounded and complete - a better version, often, than its younger self. This 'Okushika Kimoto' has been aged at the brewery before its release in 2019. Made with organically grown Yamada Nishiki rice grown by Oku-san himself. A rich, layered style this aromatic version shows a fine complexity with a long spine of acidity and a drying yet elegant finish.

Profile  rich, complex & elegant
Handle & Serve Store in a cool dark place away from light, serve chilled
Producer Akishika Shuzō
Region Osaka Prefecture
Alcohol 18%
Content 720ml

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