the Sake Flight

the Sake Flight

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Four ingredients are needed to make sake: rice, water, yeast and koji. This seems pretty simple but appearances are deceiving. Special rice, called sakamai,  is used to make sake and is prepared by polishing to a greater or lesser extent. The quality of the water also differs within each region. The dissolved minerals have a lot of influence on the taste and fermentation of the sake. Yeast is another ingredient that contributes to the aroma components of sake. Individual breweries and regions developed their own yeast strains. The fourth ingredient - koji - is the fungus that is distributed over the rice to convert the starch into sugar. Here, too, different koji species are used. Together with the brewing process, and the choices made, determines the unique taste profile of each sake.

1 x Hanatomoe Young Junmai Sake 720ml 24.5

1 x Biden 1999 koshu 720ml 24.5

1 x Kyo No Haru Nigori 720ml 29

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